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The SnowPlow - “The Original Snow Pusher”

The #1 feature of”The SnowPlow” Snow Pusher is our UHMW Polyethylene blade. This material is the highest wearing, impact resistant, cold weather adaptable material available. It is high-end and highly respected.

Our sturdy construction is consistent throughout. All of the materials are MAd In The USA. Our fiberglass handle has twice the wall thickness of the industry standard and is reinforced with a core insert plug and topped off the with D style comfort grip.

You can’t just have a blade and a handle so the “The Tuffbrace” handle/brace connector system was developed and patented. “The Tuffbrace” is the market envy and we proudly manufacture them daily.


The SnowGrader - Wheel Pusher

This shovel is excellent in large areas, light snows, and rough surfaces. It is angles for windrow pushing and is 36” wide with the UHMW blade. It has shatter proof metal hub wheels and a Flip ‘N Go Handle Design.


The Snow Dominator - Combo Scoop/Pusher

This shovel has a 18” Wide Engineered Polymer Blade, Ideal Scoop Capacity, Rigid but won’t shatter, non damaging cutting edge, built in ice breaking teeth, ergonomic xtra length handle, D-style control grip, and bolt-on non twist head.

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